Friday, October 14, 2011

Isa akui beliau lantik dirinya jadi Pengerusi KPF

Akhbar New Straits Times hari ini menyiarkan wawancara dengan Pengerusi Felda Tan Sri Isa Samad berkaitan soal Felda. Salah satu soalan yang ditanyakan ialah berhubung pelantikan Isa sebagai Pengerusi KPF, suatu keputusan yang pada mulanya disorok tetapi kemudiannya dihebohkan melalui blog dan facebook.

Pandangan umum ialah pelantikan itu salah kerana tidak mengikut undang-undnag koperasi. Tetapi Isa ada jawapannya.

Berikut disiarkan bahagian soalan berkenaan yang ditanyai.

Q: You have been appointed chairman of KPF. What are the issues that have been brought up?

A: In executing the listing exercise, for good governance, it must be someone without executive powers. It should be Felda general manager Datuk Dzulkifli Abdul Wahab or Felda Global Ventures group president and chief executive officer Datuk Sabri Ahmad.

But both of them have got executive powers. In this process (listing of Felda Global Ventures on Bursa Malaysia), where KPF will hold an important element as the biggest shareholder, there would exist a conflict of interest.

The only one without that executive powers is me and that was why I was appointed to the post. However, the opposition has spun it to say that I seized the post. What for? I am already Felda chairman and I have been menteri besar, so why do I need this?

There were people who said that during the meeting to decide on this (KPF chairman's post), Dzulkifli was not around -- he went for his umrah.

I want to explain so all sides can understand. The meeting was called not only to state my position as KPF chairman, but importantly, the process on listing, which must be explained to Felda's board of directors.

Then I had to bring this to Felda Global Venture's board of directors to convey the government's and Felda's wishes.

Then I told the prime minister that both parties agreed so we can move on with the listing process.

From time to time, I will inform them (board members) what needs to be told. There is no personal benefit from this.

They are bringing the issue up because the general manager was not present.

Following the schedule, it was to be held on the 26th (of August) but we asked to do it on the 22nd to allow Dzulkifli to participate.

But he had already gone for umrah on a different date. Then people asked, why do it when he was not around? Why should we call it off just because one person went on leave?

We had to proceed because the target set by the prime minister (to have Felda Global Ventures listed) is June.

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  1. Jalan jalan nak menjahanamkan duit felda dah nampak.Melabur dalam 'projek sakit' sawit tabung haji..lingkup la felda lepas ni nampaknya.....